Lengthen the Life of Your PC – Industrial Computer Enclosures

PCs are a miracle of the modern age. It seems as if there is no task that a computer is unable to do as efficiently as a human.

Computers are now to be found in all aspects of business from office suites to the shop-floor, controlling not just data but also whole processes too.

However, computers are not designed to run outside of optimized conditions and many areas in the modern workplace can be unsuitable for the average off-the-shelf PC.

Computers are mass manufactured and designed to work in clean, dry and airy spaces but many of our workplaces can be dusty, hot, damp or in a place prone to being banged or knocked about.

Specialist, solid state and rugged industrial computers are available and can deal with everything from full immersion in water to dusty atmospheres and sweltering conditions but these are highly expensive especially for that store room or goods-in yard where conditions are not that extreme.

Fortunately several companies are now producing industrial computer enclosures allowing conventional off-the-shelf machines to be used in areas once deemed unsuitable for a conventional PC.

These enclosures can offer full waterproofing, intrinsically sealed from dust (including explosive atmospheres), temperature controlled (with internal heating/cooling) and can protect from knocks, bangs, tampering and theft.

These enclosures can also be made from a range of materials including food-grade stainless steel, ideal for food manufacturing companies.

The main advantage of these enclosures, however, is they can not only go in virtually any environment that an expensive specialist industrial computer can go but they offer a far greater flexibility.

If an industrial computer breaks down, often an engineer will have to be called to replace or repair the unit. However, with an enclosure the PC can be repaired or replaced in moments – just by opening the door. This is highly advantageous over an industrial computer particularly with the exponential rate in which computers advance and need upgrading/replacing.

Enclosures can also be locked and bolted to walls and floors allowing computers to be kept in public areas without fear of theft.

Computer enclosures are not just ideal for industrial or manufacturing plants but offer protection, security and flexibility for all aspects of computing.